Live & On-Demand Video Streaming

for every church included in all membership levels


Share with your viewers wherever they are

Viewers can attend your Live Sunday morning service from anywhere in the world and participate as if they were sitting in the sanctuary. They will also have the opportunity to view your video archives 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

your logo, your colors, your graphics

Custom Broadcast Page

You have the option of embedding your live and on-demand players on your website or linking to your custom broadcast page.

Your custom broadcast page includes:

Live Chat, Notes Section, Interactive Bible, Map of Viewers, Slideshow when not broadcasting, Live Countdown and more!

You will have full control over the look and feel and the content on your broadcast page

24/7 Broadcaster Phone Support

Our support staff is here to serve you even on Sunday Morning!

made for your church with love

All of The Features You Need

  • Simulcast to Facebook Live

    Broadcast your service and/or special events live to your website and simulcast it to Facebook Live for maximum exposure.

  • No Ads Ever!

    The Church Flow System is Ad Free. You never have to worry about inappropriate ads running during your broadcast

  • Video Editing

    Easily edit/trim your video and post only your desired section on-demand

  • Upload Any Video

    Do you have pre-recorded videos that you would like to upload to the system? Well, we have you covered. You have the ability to easily upload any of your offline-archived videos to the system

  • Video Categories

    Easily categorize your videos to make particular videos easy to find for you and your viewers

  • Embedable Players

    You are able to embed your live player and on-demand player on your website

  • In Depth Viewer Analytics

    Easily see where your viewers are from, what device they are viewing on, and even capture their email address and phone number!

  • Video Archives

    The Church Flow System automatically records your live broadcasts and the video is posted for on-demand viewing within minutes

  • Sunday Morning Support

    Yes, our support staff if here to help you on Sunday Morning, and no, there is absolutely no extra charge for our heroic support

  • Multi-Bitrate Streaming

    You only need to send us one HD feed and your player will automatically adjust the quality to give your viewers the best possible experience

  • Upload Video to YouTube and Vimeo

    Upload your videos directly to your YouTube and/or Vimeo account directly from your dashboard with one click

  • Instant Viewer Count

    Easily view exactly how many viewers are on your live broadcast at any given moment from your dashboard

  • Download Your Videos

    Easily download your recorded and/or edited videos with one click

  • Broadcast From Your Mobile Device

    Download a mobile application that allows you to easily broadcast from your Apple iOS or Android Device

your logo. your colors. your graphics

Custom Broadcast Page Features

  • Custom Broadcast Page

    Your logo, your colors, your background image…you have full control over every aspect of your broadcast page

  • Live Chat

    Viewers can chat live with other viewers of the live broadcast only during live broadcasts

  • Take Notes

    Viewers can take notes and email the notes to themselves. You can also upload notes and make them available for your viewers to download

  • Slideshow

    Show a slideshow instead of blank screen when not broadcasting live. Show image and video slides

  • Ministry Links

    Ministry Website Link, Map to Ministry Location

  • Get Connected Form

    A form that allows viewers to provide you with their contact information

  • Responsive Page

    Your broadcast page will adjust according to the viewer’s screen so that they can easily access all of the features of the page

  • Live countdown

    When you are not broadcasting the countdown lets viewers know when your next broadcast will begin. This countdown displays on your broadcast page as well as your embedded players

  • Salvation Info

    A salvation video, prayer, and contact form is provided for your viewers

  • Give/Donate

    This connects to your current system or we can help you open a Paypal or Stripe account to receive the donations

  • Interactive Bible

    Viewers can easily follow along with the speaker verse by verse and it also has Strong’s and IPD lexicons for deeper study

  • Social Media Integration

    Viewers can share your page or videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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