Why Choose Church Flow?
Easy to use Live Streaming for Churches, Ministries, and Events

Church Flow is complete streaming solution for your church. Viewers can attend your Live Sunday morning service from anywhere in the world and participate as if they were sitting in the sanctuary. They will also have the opportunity to view your video archives 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

The system was designed to be insanely powerful, yet beautifully simple to use. Whether you are streaming for the first time or a veteran broadcaster, Church Flow provides everything you need to deliver high-quality live and on-demand broadcasts to any pc, laptop, or mobile device. The system is full of innovative features and support to help you make every broadcast a success!

24/7 Broadcaster Support
Our support staff is here to serve you even on Sunday Morning!
Tons of Features

Custom Broadcast Page

Your logo, your colors, your background image…you have full control over every aspect of your broadcast page

Video Archives

System automatically records live broadcasts and your video is automatically posted for on-demand viewing within minutes

Intuitive Dashboard

A very easy to use client dashboard gives you full control over your system. Manage your videos, countdown, slides, etc. with ease

No Ads, Ever!

The Church Flow System is Ad Free. You never have to worry about inappropriate ads running during your broadcast

Video Editing

Easily edit your video and post only your desired section on-demand

Upload to Vimeo & Youtube

Upload your videos directly to your Youtube and/or Vimeo account with one click

In Depth Viewer Info

Easily see where your viewers are from, what device they are viewing on, and even capture their email address!

Multi-Bitrate Streaming

You only need to send us one HD feed and your player will automatically adjust the quality to give your viewers the best possible experience

Sunday Morning Support

Yes, our support staff is here to help you on Sunday Morning, and no, there is absolutely no extra charge for our heroic support
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Custom Broadcast Page

You have the option of embedding your live and on-demand players on your website or linking to your custom broadcast page. By choosing the custom broadcast page you get:

  • Live Chat, Notes Section, Interactive Bible, Map of Viewers, Slideshow when not broadcasting, Live Countdown and more!

What will your page look like?

View the slides to the right and/or click the links below to view a few or our clients customized broadcast pages using the three template options that we have (Luna, Luna HD, and Saturn)

  • bslide1
  • bslide2
  • bslide3
Step By Step
  • Contact Us

    Call or fill out the free trial form. We would love to answer any questions you may have about the system or any equipment you may need!

  • Create

    We provide you with everything you need to get up and running quickly. We even setup up your broadcast page to match your website!

  • Setup

    We login to your broadcast computer and walk you through connecting step by step. We make it simple. We can have you broadcasting within 48 hours!

  • Spread

    Now it's time to broadcast and spread the word around the globe. Remember that your viewers can watch on computers as well as mobile devices!

How much is it?

Full Online Broadcasting System

We worked hard to make this innovative system affordable for ministries of all sizes
Super Affordable Rates!
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Ready to Start Streaming?
There is only one way to be sure that Church Flow is the right solution for your church/ministry…you have to try it out! The free trial allows you to use the full system with no restrictions and absolutely no obligation to purchase.
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Why do we need an online campus (virtual church)?

1. There are people who drive by or hear about your ministry daily, but they never step foot inside your doors. What if you could reach out to those people and give them the opportunity to experience and participate in your worship service in a way that’s convenient for them?

2. There are people who attend other ministries but would love to receive a word from you and give to support the ministries of your church.

3. Sometimes your very own members and friends are under the weather or traveling and would love the ability to sign on and participate in your worship service and sow from wherever they are.

I am not tech savvy at all…Is the system easy to use?

Definitely! All you have to do is turn on your broadcast computer and press “Start” to Go Live! It couldn’t be easier!

You can possibly use a computer that you already have or we can provide one for you.

What do we need to make this work?

  1. A Broadcast computer
  2. An Internet Connection (DSL, Cable, T1, Wireless, Mobile, etc.)
  3. A Single Camera or Camera System

That’s it. Were you expecting more?

Our ministry does not have a camera...can you help?

We can definitely help with that. Give us a call and we can give you more information about your camera options. We can even have the camera equipment shipped right to you!

Is the system affordable?

We know how difficult it can sometimes be for many churches to use technology such as live video streaming because of budget constraints. That is why we have worked extremely hard to make this service affordable to churches of all shapes and sizes. Call us today to learn more! (469) 912-1750