The Word Church

Ja’Mail Johnson respectfully known as Pastor J, is the Founding and Lead Pastor of The Word Church in North Houston. After answering the call to Pastor in 2006, he has evolved from just doing church to embracing a Kingdom driven movement that’s able to touch everyone from all walks of life and through this, faith and obedience The Word Church is moving faster than anyone could have ever imagined.

Pastor Johnson has accumulated accolades for 23 years of preaching and teaching. With a great anointing and unction by God, his out the box thinking has garnered him several honors and propelled him as a well sought after Minister, Mentor and Leader, allowing him to transcend cultural and denominational barriers.

As a former TSU student and years of Management experience, it is evident that his mind for forward progression in wisdom and growth is ever increasing and now being utilized for the good of the Kingdom. One of his main focuses is teaching real life experiences and biblical principles in a common language; it’s no wonder why his unique delivery method captures the attention of everyone, no matter the age or background

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